Whale watching tour SEASONAL

Witness the impressive spectacle of humpback whales breeding in Boa Vista from mid-February to late May! Join our eco-friendly whale-watching tours during this time and experience the incredible energy of the whales on our tours! Riamar Diving Center is the best choice for whale watching in Boa Vista!

Cape Verde is a feeding and breeding ground as well as a migratory route for 24 species of whales and dolphins. Boa Vista is best known for the seasonal visits of humpback whales, but they are not the only ones you can see here!

During our whale-watching tours, we follow the European whale and dolphin-watching laws in order to disturb the animals as little as possible and to provide maximum fun for the visitors. A marine biologist is always on board to ensure the safety of both people and animals. Remember that we are guests in the sea and should respect our hosts.

Dolphin and whale watching tour on Boa vista island, Cape Verde
Fin whale


  • From February until the end of May
  • Group Maximum 8 people
  • Be on time
  • Minimum age is 7 years!
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