Snorkeling at As Gatas

Do you love sharks? If you have always wanted to snorkel with sharks then you are in the right place! Riamar Diving Center offers snorkeling trips to As Gatas (the name means the nurse shark) where you have a great chance to encounter lemon sharks, tiger sharks, blacktip sharks and of course the nurse sharks that give the site its name.

As Gatas is about an hour drive from the Diving Center and we arrange transportation. On the way you can admire the unique scenery of the island and when you arrive, the ocean is ready for you to cool off and to enjoy the best snorkeling adventure of your life.

During snorkeling activities we only observe but do not touch marine life to protect habitats, species and ourselves.

Nurse Shark At As Gatas Boa Vista Cape Verde


For safety reasons, we go only snorkeling at High Tide!

  • Minimum 4 pesons
  • Only on Wednesday and Friday
  • Minimum age is 7 years!


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