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Would you like to go scuba diving in Boa Vista, Cape Verde? Do you want to see stingrays, octopuses, lobsters, green and faux hawksbill turtles? Or do you want to take a colorful swim with the fish around the vibrant corals? Dive with us at Diving Center Riamar!

Boa Vista has enchanting coral and rock formations, shipwrecks, caves, walls, and underwater sandy landscapes, all of which are home to exceptional fauna. Diving in Boa Vista is rewarding: you can see wrasses, parrotfish, squirrelfish, moray eels, calm nurse sharks or elegantly striped sergeant majors, dolphins, brain and column corals, starfish, sea cucumbers, seasonally even whale sharks, and many more!

Our dive sites include the best spots for wreck lovers, coral fans, and shark freaks. At depths ranging from 7 to 30 meters, divers have the opportunity to observe the underwater world, have fun, and get wrapped up in the vibrant silence of the underwater world.

While diving, we adhere to the "do not touch, do not take, do not disturb" guidelines!

Group 1 local dive
  • Total time commitment: contact us!!!
  • Minimum age: 10 years or older
  • Depth: Depending on your previous experience and skill level!


Note: All the courses and programs must be booked separately.

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